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When it comes to choosing teams, Jake Clark is the guy that all the ladies pick first. This fresh-faced Midwestern natural athlete spends every spare moment playing some kind of sport, and if you're not sure where Jake is, your first guess should always be outside, since he can usually be found tossing the ball around in the sunshine. But Jake is just as talented when it comes to indoor sports, and that doesn't just mean basketball! When this lanky stud takes off his kicks, pulls off his jersey, and drops his shorts, that's a sign that his favorite game time is about to begin. With the endurance, dexterity, and agility developed over hundreds of hours on the field, Jake turns scoring into an art form! It's no wonder that every babe wants this all-star on her team so she can play with his big hard bat! Jake takes sportsmanship to heart, as well, since for this hunk, cumming first isn't nearly as important as making sure everyone has a great time. See why Jake is a sexual hall-of-famer now.

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